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Tameka Cottle Plastic Surgery – A Case Of Plastic Surgery Addiction

Tameka Cottle plastic surgery before and after  Tameka Cottle Plastic Surgery

Tameka rose to fame from the xscape R and B group in the 90s. The singer has had difference looks which are clear indication of plastic surgery. She is one of the celebrities who have been added to the bad plastic surgery list. A comparison of her photos shows that she had several procedures. She looks unreal from her head to toe. Rumors have it that she has had cheek augmentation, filler injections, liposuction, nose job, Botox injections, but augmentation and tummy tuck. She has undergone several surgeries. Her nose looked overly done since it is very small now as compared to the past. Tameka Cottle plastic surgery has led to several discussions. It is obvious that she looks different and it is hard to identify her.

From her lip, it is clear that she has had done something to change them. Tameka has a big booty now which is in contrast to the past when they were flat. She has really damaged herself and cannot be repaired. If she was to continue with this, then she will be a completely different person. However, it is said that the only thing that is real in her is just her feet. According to her fans, Tameka looked better in the past. There is also a rumor that she has had a boob job. She transformed her look into something very different. It seems this singer is addicted to plastic surgery and cannot stop. Tameka Cottle plastic surgery has left many people wondering on what she has done to herself.

The procedure she did on her booty actually makes her look curvy. Her face on the other hand is a disaster in waiting. Many people are worried at the rate in which she keeps on changing her appearance. There is no doubt that Tameka has gone under the knife. The Tameka Cottle plastic surgery, however, was not successful. This singer should stop undergoing any more surgeries as she will only end up looking awful. She was a true beauty but she has destroyed that through plastic surgery. She was not lucky in her attempt to look more beautiful. In my opinion she should have remained the way she was in the past because she looked gorgeous and beautiful. According to you, do the new look on Tamera Cottle look beautiful or you think she made a big mistake to get her looks changed

tiny tameka  Tameka Cottle Plastic Surgery

tiny cottle  Tameka Cottle Plastic Surgery

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